About Anthony

Due to growing up in North Vancouver and his superior knowledge in real estate, Anthony Trinetti is one of the most trusted realtors on the North Shore. Having been involved in real estate since an early age due to friends and family, Anthony has spent countless years becoming a master of the real estate market. Mr. Trinetti has been shown to have an incredible work ethic, even from a young age. Whether it be working in construction, working in the local Lynn Valley Deli, or even delivering North Shore Newspapers door-to-door, Anthony learnt in his adolescence to never cut corners. After graduating from Sutherland Secondary School in 2010, Anthony started working full time for his family’s construction company. Through demonstrating his incredible leadership skills, he was quickly promoted to superintendent, putting him in charge of managing over 40 employees. Anthony oversaw hundreds of projects and dealt with a plethora of different people: such as homeowners, city officials, developers, builders, project managers, tradespeople, safety officials, and many more. 


Anthony’s most impressive accolade was working alongside the British Pacific Properties and District of West Vancouver on high-end luxury homes and condominiums for the better half of seven years. Meeting deadlines while keeping the utmost quality was always his top priority. No matter how many long nights he had to work, his projects were always finished on time, within budget, and with the highest quality. At the end of the day, customer service is his top priority! Anthony always enjoyed working alongside his family, however, construction was never his 1st passion, it had always been real estate. Thus, he decided to dedicate all his time to becoming the best realtor he could be.


When Anthony isn’t working, though real estate is always in his mind, he enjoys cooking, travelling, and spending time with his family and friends; which may be the reason he is so friendly. Through his work ethic and passion for everything real estate, it is clear Anthony Trinetti should be the next person to take care of your real estate needs!